METALSAN Group, operating since 2004, specializes in the production of high quality roofing in our country. METALSAN Group, selected by professional staff, has made a difference in the field of construction and architecture by introducing technological innovations in the manufacturing process. Proper management systems and successful projects, combined with 15 years of experience, discipline and quality, contribute to further success.METALSAN Group is a local brand that produces products that meet international standard ISO 9001: 2008. The products are manufactured using Ankano and Conceptual Profnastil Yufa technology. The daily production capacity of 200 roofing equipment per hour is around 32 tons. First and second in the plant, which has three production lines in addition to raw and finished warehouses


In the section, roof roofs are made, and the third section is made of water systems. Water systems that produce 400 to 6 meter pipes per hour

The unit is capable of producing 6,000 meters of pipe for a full day. Each centimeter we produce is 30 years of roofing

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